Benefits of Accreditation

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Human research accreditation is a voluntary process. It confirms that an organization has made a commitment to continuous quality improvement and is accountable for all of its human research activities. By achieving and maintaining accreditation, an organization demonstrates that it has rigorous processes to safeguard research participants and that it produces reliable and credible data.

There are numerous benefits of human research accreditation –


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For your organization:

a robust culture of responsible human research conduct at all levels of management

streamlined policies and procedures, and increased efficiencies that are documented and translated into practice

a risk-reduction consciousness that results in a safer environment for research participants

less likelihood of downtime due to inspections by regulators and research sponsors

assurance that all ethical and regulatory requirements are being met, and in most cases, are being exceeded


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For research sponsors:

assurance that the organization meets high ethical standards for the protection of research participants

assurance that the organization meets or exceeds all federal, provincial and local regulations and guidelines

recognition that the accredited organization will operate more efficiently and produce high-quality data

assurance that the organization has excellent record-keeping procedures and is less likely to experience downtime due to regulatory inspections


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For the public:

assurance that human research is being conducted safely and ethically

assurance that safeguards are in place to protect the well-being of the public when they choose to participate in research

trust in human researchers and confidence in the data produced by the human research

transparency and accountability regarding the conduct of human research