Andrew Flewelling

Andrew Flewelling

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Dr. Andrew Flewelling is the Research Project Facilitator for Horizon Health Network of New Brunswick, having joined the Office of Research Services in 2019. Dr. Flewelling supports all trainees across Horizon, students, and residents alike, in their research endeavours with a focus on project development, research methods, and data analyses.

Andrew holds a BSc (Hons), and a MSc and PhD from the University of New Brunswick with a focus in Natural Products Chemistry. Andrew was a recipient of the NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship for doctoral studies. Andrew completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Calgary investigating antimicrobial drug leads from the human microbiome and was a recipient of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Andrew is a Technical Committee member of Human Research Standards Organization (HRSO), having contributed to the development of the National Standards of Canada (NSCs) CAN/HRSO-300.01-2022 “Conduct of Human Research” and CAN/HRSO-100.02-2022 “Development of a Training Program for Human Research”.